Bridgend Horse Rug Laundry

Equine Laundry Services

Horse Rugs Cleaning

In A Spin Laundry offers the most complete package when it comes to laundering Horse Rugs.

We have kept our price point for washing and re-proofing Horse Rugs the same as when we first opened our doors back in May 2007 and for that reason we can safely say that we are the most competitively priced in Bridgend and the surrounding areas.

Our laundry staff also take great pride in not only the service we provide but also in our product, and that is why we have many satisfied regular customers ranging from Maesteg to Llantwit Major. We will accommodate you whether you have 1 Horse rug or 10 Horse rugs that need a quick turnaround, especially during the cold wet winter period.

Horse Rugs Laundry Services

Whatever kind of horse you own, the chances are that he’ll have at least one rug, we can Wash, dry and re-waterproof a variety of horse rugs that you own:

  • Turnout Rugs
  • Fly Sheets
  • Neck Rugs
  • Fly Masks
  • Coolers
  • Summer Sheets
  • Exercise Sheets
  • Quilted Stable Rugs
  • Under Rugs
  • Foal Rugs
  • Anti Rub Vests & Hoods

We know how important the look and feel of freshly laundered horse rugs is for your livery. We’ve spent years mastering how best to clean the rugs to ensure your horses are well cared for. That’s why we launder horse rugs for lots of horse owners and liveries like yourselves with an exceptional laundry service that’s tailored, flexible and personal to your needs.